Director's Message

Dear Students, 

Along with our talented and accomplished instructors, I am pleased to welcome you to the English Language School (ELS). We are here to provide you with the best English language education available.  The goals of our program are threefold: 

  1. We will prepare you for your studies at TEDU. You will be able to read, comprehend, write, and speak fluently in English. This means you will have access to two worlds with your two languages, Turkish and English. 
  2. We will continue to help you to improve your English “self” during your undergraduate and graduate studies at TEDU. 
  3. We will give you the skills for a successful career. Being a TEDU graduate with excellent English language skills will enable you to find many opportunities in your professional life.  Because most scientific and academic writing is published in English, proficiency in English will be key to your professional future.


In order to accomplish these goals our program has a clear strategy: 

  • Since our first priority is to prepare you for your courses at TEDU regardless of background, we have prepared an intensive English language program at different levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • We have prepared the best curriculum possible by examining and evaluating, currently available textbooks, pedagogical approaches, and technologies.
  • While shaping our program, we have taken into consideration your individual learning styles, and multiple intelligences.
  • Our instructors all strive for excellence in their teaching by constantly improving and developing themselves and our programs.
  • We have included creative thinking into our program in order to teach English not only in terms of grammar and vocabulary, but also as part of you as a whole person.
  • During your four years at TEDU, ELS will support you with various English courses, learner centers, and one-on-one tutoring by our instructors. Whether you need help with writing papers and preparing presentations for your courses, or preparing a CV and getting ready for a job interview, the ELS will be ready to assist you.
  • In today’s world, learning English is not limited to the classroom and textbooks. Instead, learning English becomes more interesting, exciting, authentic, and real with social activities. Therefore, our curriculum includes community-based learning projects in order to teach you English while preparing you to become global citizens at the same time.


At the English Language School, we look forward to supporting you throughout your academic career and to help you graduate with excellent English language skills. We are proud of our students and are happy to be a part of your education!

Dr. Nuray Luk Grove