Director's Message

The ELS prepares students for their undergraduate studies. The program offered at the ELS serves to prepare the students to this end. Students who graduate from the ELS not only learn English but also get the chance to improve themselves as individuals who are autonomous learners and able to use information technologies for personal and academic purposes. All the learning activities are centered around the needs and interests of the students, which reflects the learner - centered philosophy of our university.

While planning the curriculum of ELS, we based our decisions on our own educational philosophy, which is a combination of two educational value systems; reconstructionism and progressivism. Elements of reconstructionist view are incorporated into our curriculum as we believe that TED University contributes to the improvement of individuals and society through the education it offers. In this sense, we have an outcome based approach and we aim at leading the students to the desired level of behaviour. To do so, we believe in the power of planning and goal setting through the use of an object-driven curriculum, which has an end-means approach.

As a “learning” language school that supports ongoing learning and improvement, we also believe in the importance of individual growth and progress. Moreover, we place emphasis on higher order outcomes such as creative, critical and reflective thinking, which are the essential components of educating the individual as a “whole”. A great part of our curriculum is devoted to Civic Responsibility Projects and other extracurricular activities such as clubs and competitions. We believe that through these, students acquire sensitivity to societal issues and become more responsible individuals. We also think that clubs, competitions, and other activities make language learning a more enjoyable process.

We wish all our students success in their studies at the ELS and later in their faculty.

Yeşim Eraslan
Director of English Language School