English Proficiency Exam(EPE)

Students who enroll in TED University are first required to take the English Placement Exam (EPL) administered by the English Language School. This exam will assess the English language levels of the students. Those who have scored high enough according to the results of the EPL are entitled to take the EPE (English Proficiency Exam). The others will be placed into the English Language Program of the ELS. There are five modules: Beginner, Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. All levels last at least 7 weeks. Since the program is based on a modular system, those students who are not able to pass one level have to repeat the same level.
The passing grade for EPE is 65. Students who receive a grade of 65 out of 100 are exempted from the English Language Program offered by the English Language School.
The EPE is administered three times in an academic year: September, January and May.