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Faydalı Linkler

Öğrenciler için bazı faydalı linkleri aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.

  1. This is a website for students to study on their reading, dictation and grammar according to their levels.
  2. All purpose language resource
  3. Lots of videos especially short clips with English subtitles
  4. It is a website for making your own comics.
  5. An application from Cambridge Dictionary focusing on vocabulary learning. Users can compete against each other.
  6. Some extra resources for students, Nat Geo is hosting live broadcasts everyday at 2 pm (ET). Students can register/join the chat at night. Or they can also access previous live broadcasts.
  7. A platform where teachers and students share their learning materials like quizzes or vocabulary flash cards.
  8. A website where teachers and students can create and share videos by combining their photos and video clips with music to make professional videos that will impress.
  9. It is a tool that generates a story plot using keywords of your choice.
  10. It is a platform for both teachers and students which celebrates their ideas around the world. You may discover hundreds of animated lessons and create customized lessons.